Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A hot date with a Master's Apprentice (just in time for Valentine's Day)

If you are a girl, are you…
a) Tall, red-haired and sexy
b) Blonde, long-haired and modellish
c) A girl
d) Young, sweet and innocent
e) Slim, dark-haired and lots of fun?

Tough luck if you’re a boy – even a tall, red-haired and sexy one -- you wouldn’t have stood a chance to win a date with any of The Masters Apprentices!

From Go-Set, 3 April 1968
This hilarious quiz/competition appeared in the 3 April, 1968 edition of Australia’s favourite teen magazine Go-Set, hot on the heels of the Masters’ fourth single, ‘Elevator Driver’ (which, as readers of this blog would know, was retitled from a song called ‘Silver People’ given to them by The Groop’s Brian Cadd), and not long after they'd ruffled more than a few feathers with their shenanigans at The Who-Small Faces-Paul Jones Big Show at Festival Hall. 

For those of you whose eyesight ain't what it used to be, here are the questions in close-up. Don't be shy: take the quiz, and find out which member of the group would’ve been your perfect match! After all, it's one of those niggling questions we've all been plagued by at some point. 

So are you a Jim, Gavin, Colin, Peter or Doug kinda gal? Find out below, and do feel free to put the name of your star-crossed Master in the comments section of this post…
A, B, C, D or E?
But wait -- there's more!

After answering the multiple-choice questions, girls then had to give three reasons why they’d like to win a date with their preferred band member. Obviously, a simple, solitary “Cos he’s hot”, “He looks fab in women’s shoes” or “He gives Hendrix a run for his money” wasn’t sufficient...although a combination of the three might’ve done the trick. Mind you, I suspect the judges would’ve been looking for the unique kind of imagination that only an obsessed super-fan could dream up.
The boys around the time of the quiz. L-R: Jim, Peter, Gavin, Colin, Doug
Unfortunately, I don’t have any further information on the competition winner/s, what reasons they gave, which Master they went out with, or whether it was love at first sight. 
Helloooo, ladies! 
We're all about the big issues here at Holy Go-Go Boots, Batman...

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