Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mystery girl: Jan Stewart

In this day and age of digital footprints and full-disclosure Facebooking, there’s little that a good Google search won’t reveal. However, as I discovered today, the worldwide web falls intriguingly short when it comes to 1960s fashion model Jan Stewart.

Jan glamming it up in some swinging ski gear. Photo: Janice Wakely
As far as I know, Jan was from Melbourne, and worked with local photographers such as Bruno Benini (profiled in an earlier blog post) and Maggie Diaz.
Reclining Jan. Photo: Maggie Diaz
With her Audrey Hepburnesque features and natural grace, she was every bit as divine as my favourite 60s model Jean Shrimpton — but clearly didn’t hit the same heights of fame, because I simply can’t find anything about her online except a few photos and an interview snippet where she recalls the staging of this fabulous shot in a Little Collins Street building site for Sportsgirl:

Frock with a view. Photo: Bruno Benini
So, unless anyone out there can tell me more about this beautiful mystery babe, we’ll just have to be content to swoon over her… Besides, as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Jan doing Jean! How Shrimpton is this? I have a postcard of this pic somewhere, from that 2011 Como House exhibition, Mannequin. Wish I could find it so I could give the photographer due credit...
Yogi Jan. Photographer also unknown.


  1. I think she married Ian Turpie after Livvie had stepped over him to London where she stepped over one of The Shadows.

    1. Well! That casts an interesting light on things, I just had a quick Google search and you're right - they were married for 43 years (until he died). No wonder I couldn't find any info on her - I was searching for Jan Stewart. She was way more gorgeous and stylish than Olivia (in my opinion)...thanks for clarifying the mystery for me!

  2. oh I make mistakes all over the place. you are setting me right though, as I now think this model in yellow is Jan Stewart not Janni Goss. the WWW is a tricky place. cheers 2 U

    1. Hmm you could be right - she does have those Audrey Hepburn-esque features...Mind you, I don't know what Janni Goss looked like...