Saturday, June 7, 2014

Holy Mop Tops, Batman! Beatlemania in Melbourne: a quiz

G'day, groovers! 
In honour of the fast-approaching 50th anniversary of The Beatles' Aussie tour, I've created this ace (if I do say so myself!) quiz about it -- especially the Melbourne leg of their visit, in keeping with this blog's theme.
Ridgy-didge Beatles
Unfortunately, I thought I'd be able to copy the whole thing into this blog once I was done. But no. That'd be too easy.

Beatlemania, Melbourne-style. Pic: News Corp
So please, if you feel like taking a magical mystery tour through those heady, hysterical June days 50 years back, get your lovely selves over to Go to Quiz and test your Beatles mettle.

Famous five. Pic: Gold FM

Then come back to this page and boast about your score in the comments section of this page! Because I know you'll all do brilliantly. But please don't cry if you don't...

It's enough to make a gal cry... Pic: John Lamb
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  1. the main thing about The BEATLES in Melbourne was that for the only time, there were five Beatles together at once, briefly. Ringo is a great drummer, John still breaks my heart, and I hope you saw that absolutely marvellous Adelaide-made documentary 'When We Went Wild For The Beatles' on ABCTV. Watch the guide, it just has to be repeated soon.

  2. Hello Sir Marshall - were you lucky enough to go to any of their concerts or stake out their hotel? It must have been absolute madness! Funnily enough, that documentary was on the ABC just the other night - by a complete fluke, I had the TV on when it started. You're right - it was marvellous. I loved all the behind-the-scenes gossip, and the media footage.